JOLAKOTTURINN The Yule Cat by Modern Folk Embroidery


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by Modern Folk Embroidery
Stitch count 173w x 201h
Threads used YOUR CHOICE

The Story as told by Jacob of Modern Folk Embroidery

A while ago, someone asked me if I knew about the tradition of the Icelandic Yule Cat. As I did not, I started
reading up about this wonderfully strange tradition.
During the winter period, a terrifying giant name Gryla, her husband Leppaluoi and their 13 terrible sons
cause mischief during the holidays, Gryla asks parents if they have any disobedient children, as they are her favourite snack…
Besides a lazy husband and the 13 “yule lads”, Gryla also has a cat, known as Jolakotturinn (the Yule Cat). This
monstrous cat stalks the countryside and devours anyone who has not received new clothing. It’s a perfect way
to have children appreciate the pair of knitted socks they might find under the tree!



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